How To Boil Water Properly In A Pot

To Boil Water In A Pot Is Pretty Much A Simple Task It Seems…

how to boil water properly in a pot








I Remember when my mother would let us pick a favorite meal and try to learn how to cook it…I usually find excuses to get out of it…Surely How To Boil Water Properly In A Pot was part of it.

And now, here I am..a novice cook..I love and enjoy cooking simple meals..

I guess boiling water would be one of them..LOL!

So when I started brainstorming articles topics for this blog, the first thing that pop up was this question…How To Boil Water?..and off course instinctively I started giggling and the next question was….

…Who Doesn’t Know How To Boil Water Properly?

During my research, I found so many ways of boiling water, but what intrigued me was the time factor…because I never really paid attention to the art of boiling water.. At the point that it will be okay to drink or to cook or make ice cubes with…I figured once it’s boil… it’s boiled…


So Here We Go..To Boil Water Properly


  • First, fill the pot with Water half-way, to prevent spills..
  • Put on stove… and Turn to high heat.It will start Steaming and then bubbles.
  • Now, let it boil..
  • It is better to let the bubbles continue to roll vigorously all over from the
  • bottom to the top.
  • Although, the old adage goes “watched pot never boils” however, in this
  • instance watch it boil because this is the time to set your timer to 2 full
  • minutes and let it keep boiling…
  • …This way it helps to prevent bacteria and harmful micros….
  • Let it cool down..
  • Now, your water is ready.


So How To Boil Water properly… Is Pretty Obvious That It Is Really Simple And Easy!…

Now, I know how to boil water and watch it boil properly in our favorite pot!

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So let’s get going… boiling simple drinking water in our favorite pot properly..


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Happy clean drinking water!….

Thanks for visiting today!…