3 Surefire Tips to Help You Select the Right Cookware

T-fal cookware reviewSelecting the right cookware is neither

straightforward or easy. There are after all so many

brands to choose from and the range of cookware

items is also very wide.

When picking the right cookware, you need to learn

to start by picking the right material. This may not be easy because many cookware

items are made from multiple materials. Before you buy your  cookware,

you need to know exactly what is right for your needs and budget.


Here are three surefire tips that will help you choose the right cookware.

1. Scale

The first thing you need to do when choosing your cookware is factor in the total volume of

your ingredients. The right size of cookware offers some notable benefits including more

efficient cooking and less cooking time. To illustrate this, consider this: if you tried to cook a cup

of water in a 12-inch saucepan and the same amount in a 6-inch saucepan then it would take

the larger saucepan less time to boil the water as compared to the six-inch saucepan. Also,

water evaporates faster in the 12-inch saucepan.

2. Stick or non-stick

It pays to choose non-stick cookware items when you are thinking about cooking foods that

normally tend to stick to the surface of the cookware item. However, if this is not a concern

such as when you need to add some additional flavor to your food, you may want to use a stick

cookware item that typically is made from materials like copper or cast-iron or even stainless

steel. Stick cookware items tend to retain some amount of food and flavor as you cook. They

are a good option when you need to brown meat or when you are making braised dishes. A

non-stick pan on the other hand is ideal when cooking eggs or delicate fish or baby spinach

when you want the skin to remain intact.

3. Shape

The shape of your cookware item will determine the outcome of your dish. For example,

cookware items with different depths and heights on all sides will determine the quickness with

which things evaporate. So, when cooking up a soup, you need to ensure that some flavor

builds up. At such times, you need to use a pot with high sides. This also holds true when

cooking rice and pasta where you require rapid boils and minimum evaporation.

Low-rimmed saucepans on the other hand are good when you are making a sauce that requires

a bit of reduction….


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