3 Best Ways To Care For Non-Stick Cookware

T-fal dishwasher safe reviewThere are different types of nonstick cookware on the market today.

In fact, these variations are majorly in the type of coatings, the number of layers as well as the thickness of the metal base. But then, one may wonder if the durability and longevity of the cookware depend on these variables or the care in using them. So irrespective of the type of nonstick cookware,

You May Want To Consider The 3 Best Ways To Care For Non-stick Cookware.

Pre-season or re-season- your non-stick cookware before use. Just the way you use and care for a cast iron, it’s also very helpful when you preseason or re-season your non-stick cookware. The truth is, this does not only prolong the cookware’s life, it also improves the way foods are cooked on the cookware. For instance, it is required that for new cookware and pans, you may choose to wash first and try to clean gently with a soft sponge with a view to removing any manufacturing residue, in some cases it is recommended that adding a thin layer of oil to the cookware and then heat at low temperature and allow to cool and wipe off excess oil with paper towel.

Avoid cooking over excessive heat-There are few reasons why you need to avoid cooking over excessive heat. High heat is not only bad for the coating on non-stick cookware’s, if the exposure to high heat continues, it will deteriorate the surface of the cookware. So yes! It will not be out of place to say that you should avoid cooking with high heat. Although most non-stick cookware coatings might have high resistance, there is still need to take caution to avoid cooking over high heat as this can lead to the release unhealthy or potentially toxic vapors.

Avoid using sharp or abrasive objects (Use safe Utensils)-If you truly care about maintaining the state of your non-stick cookware, it is crucial to avoid using metal utensils of any kind. Some of which may include forks, knives, metal spatulas, whisks, etc on your nonstick cookware. Why? Using these sharp or abrasive objects might pierce and damage the nonstick coating of the cookware. It is recommended you use a wooden spoon or a silicone spatula as an alternative while using a non-stick cookware.

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How To Best Care And Maintain Your Cookware without losing its luster and durability.

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